126.trying again

trying again...

2001-10-30 Hiya, I've not been doing so well with the hay diet, and with the school hols and everything I've hardly had any money for food, but today I went and bought loads of veg and fruit.

I have so much pain in my hips, legs and arms, that I'm hoping it's going to help me...I feel quite desperate, as my arthritis has been so bad the last few weeks.

Any words of encouragement, or cheap recipe ideas are really welcome...thanks


Re: trying again...

2004-07-20 The deadly nightshade family might be aggravating your pain. You might want to try eliminating white potatoes, eggplant, tomatoes, peppers, chili and paprika to see if that helps. I also recommend getting tested for food allergies if at all possible. Hope that helps.



Re: trying again...

2004-07-30 Hi Ali,

I forgot to mention that some folks with arthritis don't eat citrus and say it helps.



Re trying again...

Manju2006-04-20 Please try Magnet Therapy.

Since wearing a magnetic Braclet my pains have all gone.

There are no side effects.

I have even become a distributor for ECOFLOW.

Please send me email if you need any more information