184.where is the place to start

where is the place to start?

Sandi2003-11-28 it seems like a really big commitment/change. I low carbed for about 8 months a few years ago and that was a big decision too but it was simply, only eat protein and green leafy type veggies, and some dairy, that was it. This combining seems more complicated than that, or am I just making it complicated?

ALso I've always been told that I should be eating more smaller meals rather than 3 big meals. How would this work into the combining diet?


Re: where is the place to start?

Peter2003-12-17 High protein diets but a lot of strain on your liver and kidneys. They do not improve your long term health prospects.

If you are looking for weight loss I would stick to three meals a day - the more meals you eat the easier it is to overeat, and the less time between meals in which your digestive system can take a rest.


Re: where is the place to start?

2004-11-08 i like the small frequent meal idea, but snacking's probably bad for your teeth. i agree sequential eating seems sensible. which order do you usually have your starch & protein meals? im finding it hard to work out which is best for me, & have read much conflicting advice on this, as im also trying to adhere to chrononutrition theory [quite loosely] by dr delabos.