7. Walking in New Zealand: Cathedral Cove, Coromandel

This is a superb stretch of coastline You can do a largely circular walk from the centre of Hahei village, walking up Grange Road to the car park and enjoying the fine views, or just do the shorter walks from the car park.
Cathedral Cove is at the far end of the path from the car park
It is worth taking the loop of path through the taller forest against this cliff
Halfway to the cove - the view out to sea
The cathedral cave is quite impressive - but you cannot walk through it at high tide
Several rock stacks show the errosion at the high tide level that will eventually topple them
The beach beyond the cove - backed by shear cliffs
It is worth looking at each of the smaller coves on the way back to the car park, but none are as impressive as Cathedral cove Continue on the path past the car park and you head down towards Hahei Beach.
Continue along the beach right to the far end, where wooden steps lead up onto the Te Pare reserve
Looking out from the point to the islands in Mercury Bay
A group of gnarled trees cling to the cliff top on Te Pare
The view south is even more spectacular - best seen from beside the gnarled trees
Head back up the path towards the village A walkway follows the riverside until a track crosses the bridge
On the right are public gardens and you can walk up through these back to the shops in the village centre