8. Walking in New Zealand: Coromandel Town Railway

There are good roads round the Coromandel as far north as the town of Coromandel, but further north the roads are narrow, twisting and distances are much greater than they appear on the map These beaches show the coastline east of Coromandel, near Matarangi.
South African daisys grow wild on the sand dunes
Property at the end of the beach
where a small stream flows into the sea
A view of Coromandel from the road to the east
Private gardens open to the public are well worth a visit
The narrow gauge railway takes you up to a viewpoint
A feat of engineering that switchbacks up the steep hillside
Rolling stock is built on site
Wild pigs at the side of the old road over the range This is largely a gravel road that twists and turns and is too narrow for the large timber wagons that use it. Not for the faint hearted or timid drivers!