2.Review Octopus Energy Calculators: Octopus Tracker, Octopus Agile and Octopus Go tariffs are the best value in the UK

How to get the best energy prices in the UK?

Octopus Energy offers several fuel tariffs in the UK that have the potential for quite significant cost savings for both electricity and gas compared to any other energy supplier in the UK.

Octopus Energy are highly rated by WHICH?

I have written a couple of scripts that can do the analysis for you

Compare Agile and see graph of Agile rates

Compare Tracker and see graphs of Tracker rates for Electricity and Gas

See the wholesale prices for Electricity since 1st Feb 2020 and wholesale prices for gas since 5th March 2020.

See Octopus Tracker prices for Electricity and Gas for each day so far in 2020.

If you are running a battery electric vehicle then the ability to charge it with cheap electricity is a huge bonus! But all users can save money with these tariffs. 

I have moved to the Tracker tariff.