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Octopus Energy Comparison

This web app collects the data automatically each day from Octopus Energy using its public API. It then uses that data to perform calculations based on the data you add to the form. Rubbish in, rubbish out.

Tracker data for this script is now collected automatically from Octopus. And should be updated each day before 7am. I have also started collecting the data for the Gas Tracker tariff, also exceptional value.

See the wholesale prices for Electricity since 1st Feb 2020 and wholesale prices for gas since 5th March 2020.


Or see the calculations using Octopus Energy data for Tracker tariff: Octopus Tracker tariff calculator

If you find this page useful and you decide to switch to Octopus Energy use this link to switch and split £100 with me

Thanks to those who have already used this link to switch.

Graph of Agile rates for the period selected