7.Hard Top option for Tesla Cybertruck

I think that Tesla should offer a hard top version of the Cybertruck because it is a very low cost option that greatly increases the utility of the vehicle.

Around where I live : Dartmoor in Devon UK there are a lot of pickup trucks, and nearly every one has a hard top canopy over the bed. The problem with tesla's proposed Cybertruck is the motorised cover gets in the way of fitting a hard top canopy.

In fact replacing the motorised cover over the truck bed, and the glass roof,  with a stainless steel hard top would probably cost less!

The biggest advantage of the hard top is that it keeps the contents dry while still giving you access to the contents. A rear tail gate when opened also provides dry space underneath.

and if the bulkhead between the cabin and the truck bed could also fold down onto the bed floor, or be partly removable so that the rear seats would fold forward to allow 8 foot by 4 foot sheets to be carried, even better. It would also allow secure access to the truck bed from the passenger doors.

A hard-top cybertruck could carry dogs, or farm livestock.

The hard top cybertruck is the ideal large family  6 seater vehicle.

This version provides a dry workshop for the tradesman and a secure store for tools and materials, with onboard power supply. A hightop version with standing room inside would provide an even better workshop for the tradesman. ( and cost little more.)

The flat top to the truck would allow the carrying of long lumber on the roof, or a boat, surf board, bicycles - range isn't everything. I only need a round trip of 20 miles to the local agricultural and lumber store. Then I can put the truck on charge again.

The hard top or hightop would make a solar roof an easy option to install, and a triple solar roof would also unfold or slide out.

The hard top or hightop would be the ideal basis for the campervan conversion market.

The hard top or high top would make an excellent delivery vehicle with a greater range and lower price than anything else on the electric market

A hightop cybertruck could even carry a horse.

I think a stainless steel hard-top or high top would dramatically increase demand for the Cybertruck .

I started my smallholding with the old style Landrover. As well as hauling a trailer, lumber and goods to market, it took the family on holidays, ploughed through the snow up on the moors. Almost every farmer in the UK had at least one . Currently I use a diesel pickup, but I want to go electric if I can. A Tesla hardtop cybertruck would be ideal. I have placed my order. Now I just need this hardtop option.