20.Dark Matter and the Expanding Universe

Dark Matter and the Expanding Universe

The whole of the theories of cosmology and the expanding universe are built on one premise: That gravity is the only force that can cause a dust cloud to coalesce into a star or planetary system.

On this single premise has been built a complete edifice of cosmology, and an infrastructure of scientists dedicating their careers to pinpointing this dark matter. They have developed ever more exotic particle theories conatining even more exotic particles - and still they can find no darkmatter.

If we can demonstrate that a force other than gravity can cause a dust cloud to coalesce, then this whole edifice is without foundation and should collapse. However there would be too much egg on too many faces for this to happen quickly, so instead students are taught that only gravity canbring dust particles together.

I have proved that a force other than gravity can bring a cloud of dust together - and you can demonstrate it for yourself in your own laboratory. Look at the dust in the sealed petri dish. Under the forces developed by an electrical discharge, the dust swirls and streams - and clumps together!

Look at the experiments page for the full set of images.

In a dust cloud in space, the dust tornado demonstrated here would not disperse once the charge disapated. Gravity would then take over and hold the particles togther. Any movement in a dust cloud, where the dust particles are insulated by the vacuum of space, is ideal for the development of acharge sheath.
Charge fields in a rotating cloud will produce charge sheath tornados of immense size - and mass, that will then acrete further dust throughthe mechanism of gravity.

A galaxy sized dust cloud does not need to wait for the force of gravity to start pulling the dust togther. Electric charge will do the job farmore rapidly.
When a star explodes in a supernovae and ejects its mass into the universe round it, its movement is not just controlled by the force of gravity.The charge imbalance within the streaming clouds of plasma will cause theplasma to form plasma ropes - charge sheath tornadoes millions of mileslong. These ropes will react with each other to form braided streams ofplasma.

What do you find when you examine the pictures of distant stars and galaxies? Braided ropes of dust and plasm abound. We live in an electric universe, where gravity and charge are equal partners.


"This is a ten thousand light-year long jet of plasma observed by the
European Space Agency's Faint Object Camera, aboard NASA'S Hubble
Space Telescope.  The image, which is much sharper than previous
pictures taken with ground based telescopes. reveals unprecedented detail
in the jet.  The most remarkable feature is a distinctive twisted ladder
structure produced by two spiral filaments of plasma. The pair of strands
are separated by about 500 light-years.  Other details reveal unusual knots
and kinks in the outflowing material. "


  "This festively colorful nebula, called NGC 604, is one of the
largest known seething cauldrons of star birth seen in a nearby
galaxy. NGC 604 is similar to familiar star-birth regions in our Milky
Way galaxy, such as the Orion Nebula, but it is vastly larger in
extent and contains many more recently formed stars. This monstrous
star-birth region contains more than 200 brilliant blue stars within
a cloud of glowing gases some 1,300 light-years across, nearly 100
times the size of the Orion Nebula. "

Our theories of cosmology, and the theories of matter that are derived from them will seem laughable to our descendents. They will express bemusement that such an edifice could be built on such flimsy foundations. How could we not believe the evidence of our own eyes?

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