The Charge Sheath Vortex and the Tornado

Ball Lightning

Charge Sheath Vortex - Plasma Production Modes

Charge sheath vortex basics

Charge sheath vortex basics for tornado

The charged sheath vortex:

to Controlled Nuclear Fusion

The Tornado

Risk of another Crustal Overturn is still high!

The Mercury Vortex Rail Gun

to Controlled Nuclear Fusion

Charge Sheath Vortex: A minature tornado in the laboratory

A simple unified theory of everything


The Structure of the Tornado

How a Charge Sheath Vortex Explains the Observations

- A Self Organised Structure for the Tornado

Parameters for Vortex Formation - Charge Sheath and Ball Lightning

The Charge Sheath Tornado Controls Fusion in the Sun

Dark Matter and the Expanding Universe

Flight 587 destroyed by a charge sheath vortex

Dust Storms on Mars - Charge Tornadoes ?