9.Risk of another Crustal Overturn is still high!

Risk of another Crustal Overturn is still high!

  1. Tornado Index
  2. Introducing the Tornado
  3. The Tornado at Touchdown - a natural charge sheath vortex
  4. A Self Organised Structure for the Tornado
  5. Parameters for vortex formation
  6. Charge Sheath Vortex - Plasma Theory
  7. Ball Lightning - natural fusion
  8. Controlled Nuclear Fusion from a Charge Sheath Vortex
  9. Fusion Powered Flight
  10. The Charge Sheath Tornado Controls Fusion in the Sun
  11. Charge Sheath revolution for Cosmology
  12. Flight 587 destroyed by a charge sheath vortex
  13. Charge Sheath dust storms on Mars

    Tornado Experiments

  14. Introducing the tornado experiments
  15. Modes of plasma charge sheath structures - torus

  16. A Charge Sheath Tornado in the laboratory
  17. A simple fusion gun

  18. The Charged Sheath Vortex Conference/ Discussion board

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