Adding a MyBB thread to each page on a website index

1. Adding a MyBB thread to each page on a website

This tutorial explains how you can automate the process of adding a forum thread to each page of a website.

I am assuming that you have some form of page management system, and each page is a row in your database. In my case the database that holds the website is on a local system, and only the compiled pages are uploaded to the web server.

The site has over 2000 pages in 44 categories. We want to allow a comment thread on some of these categories but we don't want to write our own forum system.

We have selected MyBB as a forum we can work with. The process of adding a new forum thread to a new page has to be automatic, and as foolproof as possible.

MyBB uses quite a complex database structure with inter-dependent tables. It isn't a simple matter to write directly to a table because this can trigger the security mechanisms.

The straight-forward way of automating the process is to use the processes that already exist for an admin to add a new thread - and to automate that process using Selenium and Python.

Automating MyBB with Selenium and Python