Healthy Vegetarian Cookery - vegetarian lifestyle recipe book


Healthy Vegetarian Cookery - vegetarian lifestyle recipe book

Healthy vegetarian cookery

Following a healthy vegetarian lifestyle is easy

What is a healthy balanced diet?

Starchy foods - the basis of the diet

Plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables

Keeping down the sugar

Less fat is better

Keep down salt intake

Health is also dependent on exercise

Food Supplements pros and cons

Understanding food components



Vitamins, Minerals and Trace Elements


Trace elements

Digestion- how it works


Eat whole grain cereals, not highly refined flour

Protein digestion

Evolution, diet and appetite

Further tips for a healthy lifestyle

Avoiding pollution

Avoiding pesticides on food


How cooking affects nutrients

How preserving affects nutrients

Drinking water

The right bacteria

Fibre and constipation

Tooth decay

Getting Started - Changing your diet

Principles of menu planning

Sample Menus

Equipment for pressure cooking

Slow cookers

Microwave ovens


Food mixers, food processors, grain mill

Where to shop

Cooking on a budget

Cooking for one

Cooking for two

Cooking for the family

Packed meals

Ready meals, takeaways and cook/chill


Entertaining and special occasions

Large scale entertaining

Picnics and children's party ideas

Diets for life stages - Pregnancy

Feeding Baby- breast or bottle

Toddlers to school age

School children

Healthy adult diets

High energy / sports diets

Medium energy

Dieting for weight loss


60 plus

Know your ingredients

The main starch grains: rice, millet and sorghum

Other starchy grains and flours: amaranth, buckwheat, quinnoa, teff, wild rice

Starchy roots and tubers: potato, sweet potato, jerusalem-artichoke, yam


Sprouting seeds

Sesame, pumpkin, sunflower seeds

Starchy fruit: breadfruit, banana-plantain, water chestnut

Banana, date, sultana

Milk cheese yogurt and eggs

Pulses: dried beans and peas

Soya bean products: tofu


Fresh non-starchy fruit

Serving fruit

Vegetable and fruit juices

Using herbs and spices


Oils and fats: butter, olives, olive oil

Coffee, tea

Other ingredients

Healthy vegetarian cookery

Wholemeal bread

Wheat soda bread

Wholemeal pizza base

Mixed grain bread

Millet and banana flat bread

Oat bread

Rotla (millet flat bread)


Naan bread or Pitta bread

Carrot and Potato bread

Rye bread


Potato scones

Wholemeal scones

Chestnut pancakes

Buckwheat pancakes

Scots pancakes

Crispbread and Crackers

Corn Crisps

Millet and sesame crispbreads

Sunflower crispbread

Rye crispbread

Almond crackers

Cheese crackers

Low fat and sugar cakes

Tea bread


Apple gingerbread


Pumpkin & spice bread

Apple and fruit slice

Cereal bar


Oatmeal porridge

Millet and date porridge

Rice and sultana





Wholewheat pasta

Baked potato

Baked sweet potato

Potato pizza

Potato roast

Spicy potatoes

Hot garlic potatoes

Cretan shepherd's pie

Rice dishes

Rice with a hot vegetable sauce

Cashew nut pilaf

Persian style rice

Nutty flavoured risotto

Stuffed vine or cabbage leaves

Millet and nut pilaf


Hazelnut loaf

Chestnut and herb loaf

Vegetable nut gratin

Chinese cashew stir-fry

Chestnuts with brussels sprouts


Cauliflower and potato soup

Bean soup

Vegetable broth

Mushroom and watercress soup

Tomato and Apple Soup

Leek and Potato Soup

Beetroot soup

Cauliflower and cheese soup

Cheese and egg dishes

Quiche lorraine

Cheese pudding

Vegetables and cheese

Bubble and squeak


Cottage pie


Sauces and dressings

Plain wine sauce

Rich wine sauce



Italian Tomato Sauce

Blue cheese dressing

Blue cheese and walnut sauce

Shropshire and walnut sauce

Marjoram pesto

Brie sauce on vegetables

Low-fat yogurt sauces and dips

Horseradish sauce

Low fat mayonnaise

Spicy mayonnaise

French dressing with herbs

Sesame dressing

Onion sauce

Hot coconut sauce

Mint sauce


Greek salad

Celery and apple salad

Spicy broad bean and pine kernel salad

Fennel salad

Pasta salads

Pasta with pesto salad

Rice salads

Bean salads

Red bean salad

Bean and chick pea salad

Salads - further suggestions

Vegetable dishes

Vegetarian moussaka



Indian chilli tomatoes

Herby courgettes

Fried okra - ladies' fingers

Vegetable and fruit curry

Stuffed courgettes

Baked fennel

Tangy cauliflower

Red cabbage with apples

Leeks with almonds


Sweet puddings

Apricot whip

Apple pudding

Lemon cream

Cornmeal pudding

Baked bananas

Dried fruit salad

Rice pudding

Brown bread pudding

Date pudding

Fresh fruit

Serving fruit

Vegetable and fruit juices

Winter fruit salad

Apple and bramble pudding

Christmas menu


Conversion Tables


Ingredients: Healthy Vegetarian Cookery - vegetarian lifestyle recipe book


Instructions: Healthy Vegetarian Cookery - vegetarian lifestyle recipe book