49.Entertaining and special occasions - vegetarian lifestyle recipe book


Dinner parties

There is no need to give visitors foods rich in fats and sugars. Stick to what you would eat yourself and provide a range of tastes, textures and colours rather than quantity. Three courses are ample for any occasion.

It is often pleasant to be able to offer a choice of starter to guests. Prepare enough to offer to each guest a choice, the host then gets what is left.

Entertaining on a budget

Cheese is often the most expensive item in a meal. If you entertain on a budget, go for a range of fresh fruit and vegetables, prepared and served with sauces and spices.

You are not providing your visitors with sustenance to last them a week, but with a delightful combination of flavours, colours and textures. If you feel that they will need a 'solid' meal, provide a range of fresh breads or bread rolls together with a variety of salads and dressings.

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