63.Other starchy grains and flours: amaranth, buckwheat, quinnoa, teff, wild rice - vegetarian lifestyle recipe book


Amaranth was an important food crop of the Aztec civilisation, and is now cultivated in small quantities world wide. It is easily digested and contains a good balance of nutrients.

Buckwheat was first cultivated in the cooler regions of China. The hard husks are removed from the grain before sale, It is known in Russia as Kasha and used to make strong flavoured porridge and pancakes or it can be cooked in the same way as rice.

Quinnoa is a native of Peru. The small seed is highly nutritious, but contains bitter saponins. The grain should be washed in boiling water before use. It can be cooked as rice (it cooks much more quickly) or ground into flour to make bread.

Teff is another highly nutritious small grain, a staple crop of Ethiopia. It is used to make porridge or pancakes.

Wild rice is a wetland plant of North America, but it is difficult to harvest, and its price is high. It can be cooked in the same way as rice, often being used to decorate a rice dish

protein starch+sugarfatcalcium/100g

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