17.1. Plakias to Selia Walk and Cycle in Crete

1. Plakias to Selia Walk and Cycle in Crete

Two kilometres climbing steadily on a good track through quiet olive groves. For walkers and cyclists.

There are two routes from Plakias to Selia. Starting from the wide turning area on the seafront at Plakias, go over the bridge past Lyssos taverna and turn up the first street on the right. This passes a row of small shops and then some apartment blocks before entering olive groves with a stream on the right.

5 min. Do not cross the stream but follow the track up the valley floor, passing the sewage works, a square brown concrete building on the left.

15 min. After one kilometre a side track follows the stream but you curve left away from the stream and start to climb gently. About 200 metres after leaving the stream another track goes off to the left but you keep straight on.

20 min. The track now starts to hairpin as it climbs more steeply. Turn left and continue uphill at the next junction and turn left onto a more level stretch at the next.

30 min. This brings you across the head of a small valley to a crossroads on a ridge. Turn right and uphill and follow the track as it follows several large hairpin bends up to

50 min. the village above.The track brings you out just to the east of the village.

From this crossroads an older path runs more directly up into the village cutting the western end of each of the hairpins. If you follow this path up you enter Selia through a maze of narrow stepped alleys.

Just keep going up and you will reach the road.


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