97.101. Amari to Petrohori Walk and Cycle in Crete

101. Amari to Petrohori Walk and Cycle in Crete

Five kilometres of mostly level tracks.

Leave the square in Amari by keeping the little school and its church on your left as you head up a track.

2 min. Fork left to head east up a track through a mixture of vineyards, olive groves and oak trees.

5 min. Pass one small church on the left. Another church sits above the track on the right. Continue east.

8 min. The track climbs into a small oak grove with columnar cypress before dropping gently again.

12 min. The track now drops back to the road to enter the village of Monastiraki beside a small church.

The main church of Monastiraki above the road is elaborately painted but you may only be able to see this through the windows if the door is locked.

Leave by the steps south of the church and follow the track that climbs gently east through the village with Psiloritis visible ahead.

25 min. Fork left on the track to continue east.

35 min. This track now drops gently into a more wooded hillside on old terracing.

40 min. The track forks again. Go left to continue gently down, still heading east.

45 min. At a junction of several tracks turn north and down for 20 metres before turning right and east again over a small col.

50 min. Drop down to the main road and follow it east. The path is overgrown here for a short distance and it is easier to drop down through the woodland to one side.

60 min. As the main road turns north a short path over the ridge east cuts the corner and drops back to the road again.

1 hr 10 min. Leave the road just before a small church to turn right onto a track.

1 hr 20 min. The track rises over two ridges. After the second ridge a group of houses can be seen on the road below to the left.

1 hr 25 min. Turn down left toward the village of Lambiotes but then turn right under the cliffs, on the track now heading south.

1 hr 37 min. This track rejoins the tarmac road. Continue heading south as the tarmac road rises gently through patches of dark green oak woodland.

1 hr 45 min. The road levels out before entering the village of Petrohori. The little church as you enter the village has some very old wall paintings.

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