29.11. Plakias to the quiet beaches Walk and Cycle in Crete

11. Plakias to the quiet beaches Walk and Cycle in Crete

Four kilometres of mixed track with rough path in places. Damnoni with its new development is no longer as quiet as it was but the other beaches are empty stretches of sheltered sand, much favoured by the sun worshippers. It is a good walk for a hot day when you can swim in each cove in turn. You can cycle to these beaches by following the tracks inland round each section of path.

Follow the sweep of sand of Plakias bay round to its south-eastern end and then head up towards the hotel at the far end of the beach. Walking is much easier on the track behind the sand.

15 min. As you reach the hotel a path continues up round its right-hand boundary fence. This turns into a short stretch of level track which then turns sharply left.

18 min. At this bend a path continues on and slightly up across a couple of fields before crossing a ditch onto a track. Turn left down this track and then right at the next junction.

30 min. This brings you to a crossroads of several tracks and surfaced roads. Continue east, down through a large new hotel development to Damnoni beach and a bridge over a slow deep stream.

35 min. A track runs along this beach to the next headland.

40 min. You can continue on the track but a path cuts through the headland and brings you round the cliff above a small beach.

45 min. This is a sheltered bay with a floor of fine sand and rock walls on each side.

Continue along the track now until it brings you down to the fine sand of Amoudi beach with its taverna 500 metres inland.

55 min. Cross the sands to the seaward edge to step over a small stream that flows into the sea here. A rough path follows the cliffs round to Skineria beach. An easier but longer route is to follow a path that can be seen from Amoudi beach, climbing the hillside opposite.

1 hr 5 min. At the top of the hill follow the ridge inland until you join a track and follow this down to Skineria.

1 hr 15 min. Skineria is a 200 metre long beach of fine sand sheltered between rocky headlands.

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