30. 12. Timeos Stavros from Lefkogia

Walk and Cycle in Crete


Two kilometres of good track followed by half kilometre of steep climb up a well worn path to the church on the summit. This is an excellent first walk for anyone new to the area to get their bearings as the panoramic views from the top cover the valley from Plakias to the Kourtaliotis Gorge. The slopes below the church grow a particularly good strain of sage for drying. The path is not suitable for cyclists.

Take the track due south from the western end of Lefkogia that runs up past a new church with some fine columnar cypress growing beside the irrigation aqueduct.

10 min. Cross the aqueduct on a track climbing south-west, past a communal laundry under an arched roof with clear water flowing from the rocks. Continue up this track until a side branch goes to another small church on your right.

20 min. Now take the path climbing more steeply up the hill to your left. This joins the same track on the end of a hairpin, but again look out for a path climbing more steeply on your left. Again this joins the track on the end of a hairpin.

35 min. Follow the track upwards until just past a small cave a cairn marks the continuation of the path up to the left. The track itself does not go up to the top. The path now zigzags on upwards with splashes of paint marking the way.

55 min. There is a small church on top with a bell hanging beside it.

The bird's eye view of the villages and olive groves below is one of the best in the area.

You must return by the same path as far as the first church below.

1 hr 5 min. Continuing left and east on the track you came up will take you round the base of the hill to the village of

1 hr 20 min. Gianiou and a road back to Lefkogia.

1 hr 40 min. Lefkogia.

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