31.13. Timeos Stavros to Plakias Walk and Cycle in Crete

13. Timeos Stavros to Plakias Walk and Cycle in Crete

Four kilometres, a mixture of tracks and paths along the coast. This is the most scenic route between these two points which avoids all the roads but is not suitable for cyclists.

Descend from the top of Timeos Stavros until you reach the track at the closest point to the church standing on a prominent position below.

15 min. Continue straight across this track leaving this lower church on its hill to your right. Continue down swinging right into a small valley and then left as the valley deepens with new bulldozed terracing on your right.

25 min. This will bring you out on the track that runs alongside the aqueduct. Turn right and follow this track until the fence on your left ends.

28 min. The path drops directly down the hillside to where two tracks form an inverted T in the valley bottom. Turn left here for Amoudi beach and retrace the shore path back

80 min. to Plakias.

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