34.16. Lefkogia to Preveli Walk and Cycle in Crete

16. Lefkogia to Preveli Walk and Cycle in Crete

Two kilometres of track followed by one-and-a-half kilometres of path which is not suitable for cyclists. This is the shortest route on foot to Preveli which still provides the wild and atmospheric setting for the Monastery.

From Lefkogia follow the route for Timeos Stavros described in route 12 until you have passed the second church,

20 min. Instead of leaving the track to climb the hill, continue on the track as it contours round the south side of the hill. Continue round until you can see a shallow valley running south-east in the direction of the sea.

35 min. Follow down the left side of this valley until you reach the old path through the group of carob trees where you join route 15.

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