37.18. The Lower Monastery to Lefkogia Walk and Cycle in Crete

18. The Lower Monastery to Lefkogia Walk and Cycle in Crete

Four kilometres of mostly level good tracks. This is a quiet route that follows the route of the aqueducts for most of the way and is suitable for both walkers and cyclists.

Leave the monastery by turning left to continue uphill on the road until you are past the ruins and a track leads straight uphill for a short distance.

5 min. Follow the track as it turns sharply right to become a level track with a concrete aqueduct on your left for the next kilometre.

40 min. Follow the twists and turns until a track going west leaves the aqueduct and climbs gently over a low hill to meet a surfaced road. Turn right downhill. The shortest way back is to continue down this side road until you meet the main road, turning left for Lefkogia with its several tavernas and continuing on to Plakias.

60 min. To avoid part of the main road turn left when you meet another concrete aqueduct and follow this south and west until you reach the new church above Lefkogia.

80 min. Turn right here for Lefkogia or continue on for the coast path described in routes 11 and 13.

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