18.2. Selia to Plakias Walk and Cycle in Crete

2. Selia to Plakias Walk and Cycle in Crete

One-and-a-half or three kilometres of good track. Both routes give excellent views of Plakias bay. The second passes some steep grassy meadows with a wide range of spring flowers. Suitable for walkers and cyclists.

(a) Leave Selia by the track that drops south from the east end of the village and follow it until you reach the

12 min crossroads of tracks below the hairpin bends. The shortest route is to go straight on from this point and follow the track down the ridge, with good views as it

30 min. drops down into Plakias.

(b) For a longer route turn right, west from the crossroads and follow this track as it drops and turns first due south and then contours west, swinging round in a broad semicircle .

25 min. The track now descends a series of hairpins before

45 min. joining the coast track one-and-a-half kilometres west of Plakias. Turn left at all track junctions.

60 min. Plakias.

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