44.24. Koxare to Koredo Castle and Atsipades Walk and Cycle in Crete

24. Koxare to Koredo Castle and Atsipades Walk and Cycle in Crete

Three kilometres of good track for walkers or cyclists.

Koredo Castle has been abandoned by the locals and never found by the tourists. You enter by the north gate where the guard chambers are still largely intact. The main vaults have been brought down by robbers removing the dressed stone, but enough remains to reward the visitor. The castle has had no alterations since it was first built and at the present, in 1993, is deserted.

Starting from the centre of Koxare take the main road south to the edge of the main village and take a track that splits off to the west of the road and diverges only slowly as it climbs. Follow this until you see a concrete road running in a shallow valley from the main road up to a new church below you.

12 min. The track you are on turns a corner into this shallow valley with a large carob tree to the right of the track. A well worn path runs up the ridge to your right just before the carob tree. Follow this path uphill.

22 min. This brings you to the fork in a higher track to continue up the ridge. This track now levels off and veers right away from the ridge.

30 min. At this point you can just see the top of the Castle walls above you. There is no clear entry. Continue straight up the ridge and storm the ramparts. The outer wall is a low field wall at this point.

This brings you into the outer courtyard with a small ruined church. The south entrance of the Castle is blocked by stone and brush. Walk round the south and west walls to the entrance on the north wall.

40 min. The easiest way out of the Castle is by returning to your entry point and making your way to the track which now takes you round below the cliffs that protect the north wall of the Castle. East of the Castle are a group of ruined village houses. Follow the track up through these and then continue on the same track as it contours west.

70 min. Eventually this track rises into the village of Atsipades.

Turn downhill and right when you get to a concrete road on the edge of Atsipades for a walk of two kilometres back to Koxare through the olive groves of the valley

1 hr 40min. floor.

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