45.25. Koxare to Agios Ioanis via the valley Walk and Cycle in Crete

25. Koxare to Agios Ioanis via the valley Walk and Cycle in Crete

Seven kilometres of level track through olive groves, native woodland and old orchards. This is an easy walk or cycle ride.

The old orchards contain drifts of the black and yellow Iris, Hermodactylus tuberosus, and many other wild flowers.

From Koxare village centre take the road going west. This starts through level olive groves, but after a kilometre has moved nearer the south side of the valley.

15 min. Take an older track which forks left and climbs up to Atsipades.

This is a more pleasant route than the concreted road that swings up from Katsogrida to the same village. The main part of the village sits above the road in front of you.

25 min. Continue on the right fork that continues west at the same level.

This now follows the contour round with olive trees below on your right and mountains above you.

40 min. The track moves through areas of native woodland, some of oak, some of cedar mixed with strawberry tree and tree heather.

50 min. The track then drops down into the valley where a concrete bridge crosses the stream to lead on to the village of Angousseliana with its prominent domed church.

55 min. Do not cross the bridge but continue on the track that follows the stream up the south side of the valley.

1 hr 10 min. This later passes another concrete bridge before turning into a path for a couple of hundred yards.

1 hr 25 min. A gateway leads you onto the end of another track and this continues to follow the stream west through old fruit orchards.

Some of the banks in this region have the best displays of wild Iris in the spring.

1 hr 40 min. A shallow ford takes you across the stream and up to the road. Continue west on the surfaced road for one

2 hours kilometre to the village of Agios Ioanis.

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