49.31. Up the Imbros Gorge Walk and Cycle in Crete

31. Up the Imbros Gorge Walk and Cycle in Crete

Six kilometres of path, mostly fairly good, climbing gently. There is no difficulty in finding the way but the only way out is at the ends of the Gorge. You cannot give up half way. This is one of the most enjoyable gorge walks in Crete with its narrow canyons and rich vegetation.

Walk up the bed of the stream from the road bridge between Komitades and Vraskas.

The banks at first are rocky but low.

10 min. A path comes into the gorge from the west from Komitades.

15 min. An overhanging cliff provides the first shade.

The path is the stream bed of small stones and gravel.

25 min. The gorge twists and turns before narrowing.

40 min. There are sections of cobbled path climbing past a big rock arch which provides more cool shade.

46 min. The cliff to the east now leans out over the gorge and provides shade in the morning.

50 min. The gorge floor is now broader with scattered trees.

60 min. Well wooded cliffs are now towering above the path and old trees in the river bed are large enough to provide shade.

1 hr 5 min. A well cobbled path climbs west of a large boulder that occupies the valley floor.

1 hr 10 min. The cobbled path climbs more steeply on the west bank and then passes through a narrow wooded cleft in the gorge bottom.

1 hr 15 min. The west bank is a high cliff but covered with shrubs.

1 hr 20 min. An arched doorway on the west bank covers the entrance to a water cistern.

1 hr 25 min. The path enters a narrow twisting canyon where it is possible to touch both sides at the same time for several metres. The rock here is banded white and black.

1 hr 35 min. Another short stretch of cobbled path on the east bank leads into a second twisting narrow canyon where the overhanging rock obscures the sky.

1 hr 45 min. The path enters a third but shorter defile.

1 hr 55 min. There are now well wooded slopes above the path and a power cable is visible high on the west side. The well cobbled path climbs steeply past a fallen tree.

2 hr 3 min. The supporting wall of the road above is now visible as the cobbled path continues to climb.

2 hr 8 min. The valley has become an open basin with a rock arch in the west wall but the slopes are now covered with large trees of a mixed woodland.

2 hr 30 min. The valley is no longer a gorge. Continue up the stream bed until cobbled path re-appears on the east bank, passing beside a concrete water tank.

2 hr 40 min. The path reaches walled fields. Turn left for the main road 500 metres to the west and the small village of Imbros.

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