50.32. Imbros to Asfendos Walk and Cycle in Crete

32. Imbros to Asfendos Walk and Cycle in Crete

Six kilometres. A good concrete track leaves the main road north of Imbros heading east to a group of radar dishes on a hill top. Just before these dishes are reached a right fork onto a rough track leads to Asfendos.

The distance is much shorter if the old but obscure path is followed from the top of the Imbros gorge. This is particularly useful if you are walking both gorges in one day as we do. Cyclists should follow the track all the way.

Starting from where the path at the top of the Imbros Gorge reaches the first walled fields, head north-east round the walled area to a small group of derelict buildings and a huge water cistern with a collapsed roof. 50 metres to the north of these buildings there is an ancient bridge and a small round structure with thick walls.

20 min. The path now follows the line of the telegraph poles up the hillside.

50 min. The path becomes more distinct as it climbs into a rocky little valley. Leave the line of telegraph poles here to climb up to the concrete track above.

1 hr 20 min. Take a right fork off the concrete road to continue east.

1 hr 30 min. The track crosses a ridge with an old stone building on the slopes above.

The main track continues east over the ridge but fork right and south to look at a group of stone domed huts on the ridge before following the telephone lines down to the track east.

1 hr 40 min. The old path, obscure to start with, runs down the valley due east towards Asfendos but the track is much easier walking.

1 hr 55 min. The track drops gently until it is south of Asfendos, when it turns sharply back to drop down to the village.

2 hr 15 min. Asfendos is a village of scattered farm houses, mostly deserted or used at weekends.

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