53.40. Kanevos, Kali Sikia, Alones, Vilandredo and Argiroupoli Walk and Cycle in Crete

40. Kanevos, Kali Sikia, Alones, Vilandredo and Argiroupoli Walk and Cycle in Crete

Two kilometres of very quiet road to Kali Sikia followed by five kilometres of rough track to Alones and then five kilometres of good track to Vilandredo. Finally four kilometres of good road to Argiroupoli. The first four villages are small and quiet, almost hidden on the edges of the mountains. The track from Kali Sikia to Alones sees very little traffic and the countryside is wild.

Argiroupoli is the site of ancient Lappa. Most of the older houses are built on walls that are Roman or earlier. A Roman mosaic was being excavated in 1993 in the middle of the village on top of the ridge.

Fragments of old carved stone are incorporated into several churches and other buildings. This is an excellent route for both walkers and cyclists.

From the road junction at the top of the Kotsifas Gorge at Kanevos the road west is tarmac but with very little traffic; subsidence is not repaired and the vegetation is encroaching from the sides.

2 km. In the village of Kali Sikia fork to the left of the war memorial on stilts to follow the track north-west. An old path west from the higher houses in the village cuts a loop in the track to the little church.

2.5 km. The track swings up a rocky little valley, keep left at the top of the valley and then left again as a second track can be seen heading west to Velonado. Keep straight on as another track leads down to the little church on the left.

4 km. The track now loops to the south round the head of a valley and a branch on the left leads up into the mountains. Keep right as the rough track climbs gently.

6 km. Over the ridge the track, now very rough, drops down toward Alones.

7 km. Alones is a small village which sees very few visitors. It nestles under the high cliffs of Krioneritis which towers over it to the south-west. The track is now broad and level and in good condition heading north and west.

11 km. The track changes to heavily eroded tarmac, mostly level with a steep hillside up to the south-west and open views to the north and east.

12 km. The track passes through the small village of Vilandredo. Continue north on the level leaving the village past a small church.

13 km. A track leads off on the right heading north-east to Velonado and the gorge walk to Moundros. See routes 41 and 43. The road continues west and then turns north-east.

15 km. The road climbs gently in a wide loop to a junction on a col at the head of this valley. A lot of fences make it difficult to cut this corner. A left turn here will take you in three kilometres to Miriokefala or Arolithi. A new track is being blasted out of the mountains to the west of Miriokefala which may link up with Asfendos and the south coast. Turn right at this col onto a good road downhill.

19 km. Argiroupoli, the silver city.

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