54.41. Kali Sikia to Velonado and west Walk and Cycle in Crete

41. Kali Sikia to Velonado and west Walk and Cycle in Crete

Six kilometres of good track for walkers and cyclists through Strawberry Tree covered hills with good views to the north.

From the village of Kali Sikia fork to the left of the war memorial on stilts to follow the track north-west.

10 min. The track loops up a rocky little valley, keep left at the top of the valley and then right to head west and gently down with open views to the north and a scrub-covered hillside above to the south.

20 min. The track climbs gently west before dropping into a hairpin. There are several old walls above the road on this corner.

35 min. A junction with a track running east and west. To the east the track drops down to the tarmac road, heading towards Moundros. Turn to the west where the track turns south into a wooded valley before dropping back north.

50 min. The track drops down a steep concrete slope to enter the small village of Velonado. The tarmac road from Moundros also ends here.

1 hour The track continues north-west from Velonado, passing the entrance to a small gorge before climbing south-west. See route 43.

1 hr 15 min. The track passes over a low ridge with views of Miriokefala on a hill to the west and Velonado back to the east.

1 hr 30 min. The track now crosses a broad shallow valley with larger fields of grass and scattered olive groves before rising again through woodland.

1 hr 50 min. Junction with the tarmac road from Vilandredo to Argiroupoli.

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