55.42. Kali Sikia to Moundros Walk and Cycle in Crete

42. Kali Sikia to Moundros Walk and Cycle in Crete

Five kilometres of mostly level track. This is an easy walk or cycle ride through mostly uncultivated land. Moundros is an ancient settlement which is well worth exploring.

Leave Kali Sikia under the pillars of the war memorial.

15 min. Fork left on a track leading uphill and heading north.

30 min. At the junction of tracks turn right and head north over the col, dropping into a shallow valley. The slope up to the right of the track is covered with heather. To the left the valley drops down to a small church.

40 min. Continue north to another junction of tracks, again on a col, which you cross keeping level and north.

44 min. The track drops gently due north.

48 min. Turn slightly left in the valley bottom, passing an old tower and ruined walls on the left.

51 min. Take the left fork to continue north as the track climbs onto rocky limestone pavement.

60 min. The track drops down a shallow valley in the limestone hills, with open views to the north.

1 hr 10 min. The track drops more steeply off the limestone, turning east and then north again.

1 hr 20 min. The track joins the narrow tarmac road beside a church with a high vaulted red roof and a graveyard just west of Saitures.

Turn left to head west on the road.

1 hr 30 min. The road takes a sharp bend to the south over a concrete bridge in a gorge before heading north-west again. See route 44.

1 hr 42 min. Turn left at the road junction for Moundros.

1 hr 50 min. Continue south on the tarmac until you reach an old red tiled church. Turn left to drop steeply down a well worn path back to the road and turn left again.

2 hr 5 min. Moundros.

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