56.43. Velonado to Moundros Walk and Cycle in Crete

43. Velonado to Moundros Walk and Cycle in Crete

Two and a half kilometres of cobbled path down a small gorge.

This provides the grandeur of a gorge landscape in an easily managed short walk. Take a torch if you want to look into the caves.

Leave Velonado on the track heading north-west down a slight valley. As the track turns west over a bridge and starts to climb out of the valley, follow the stream down on the west bank before crossing after 20 metres to the east bank.

8 min. A cobbled path follows close to the stream with cliffs above on both sides. There are caves on the west bank.

14 min. A goat path leads steeply up to a big rock shelter in ochre cliffs. The cobbled path climbs away from the stream bed only to drop back down in a 'dog leg' to the bottom to cross to the west bank.

20 min. The path crosses again to the west bank as the gorge narrows.

30 min. A round tunnel leads into the cliff beside the path. Unfortunately we have never had torches with us at this point.

38 min. Olive trees are visible on the hillside ahead as the valley opens out. One branch of the path zig zags down to the stream. Continue climbing gently north.

43 min. Turn right to climb steeply uphill on a cobbled path to enter Moundros by an old double vaulted church. The vaults are supported by a central pillar.

There are the ruins of an old olive mill with four vertical stones under the arch north of the church. On the north side of this village a still for producing raki sits beside the road.

The tarmac road from Moundros heads south up the Ambelos gorge, past a large stone quarry, back to Velonado, 40 minutes. To the north the tarmac leads to Roustika, 30 minutes.


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