57.44. Moundros and two more gorges Walk and Cycle in Crete

44. Moundros and two more gorges Walk and Cycle in Crete

Three kilometres of cobbled path and two kilometres of road. These two gorges are totally different, but both of interest. The paths out of Moundros are ancient and not suitable for cyclists.

Fork left on entering the village of Moundros from the north and then left again past old arched doorways to climb past the school building on a worn cobbled path.

5 min. Fork right by a threshing floor and then right again to continue straight on past a little church.

10 min. The path now climbs steps worn in the bare rock. Keep to the main path.

15 min. The path levels off over the ridge and passes a metal shrine before dropping gently to a T junction with another path. The tarmac road is visible below to the east at this point. Turn right to start climbing to the south.

20 min. A well cobbled path enters the gorge on the west bank well above the road. There are rock shelters above the path on the steep limestone hillside.

30 min. The path drops down on several hairpins and crosses to the east bank.

40 min. The path continues south on the east bank, climbing gently.

50 min. The path crosses back to the west bank just before reaching a wall and old terracing.

You can fork left by these walls to rejoin the track back to Kali Sikia ( at approximately the 48 minute point ).

Or fork right, after 25 metres turn right onto a track passing small terraced vineyards.

1 hr 15min. The track meets a new tarmac road. Turn left for Velonado or right to return down the Ambelos gorge to

1 hr 45 min. Moundros.

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