59.46. Moundros to Kato Poros Walk and Cycle in Crete

46. Moundros to Kato Poros Walk and Cycle in Crete

Three kilometres of track with a short section of steep, rough path that is not suitable for cyclists.

This walk includes a totally ruined village. The little church on the left as you enter has old graves and a domed charnel house full of bones.

The village houses show fine dressed stone work and the extensive small fields are full of ancient pottery shards. The Turks destroyed several villages in this area and burnt the olive groves in 1867. Its abandonment may date from this time. To the west and south of the ruins there are several small tanks and other structures carved in the rock that may be much older.

Follow the steep cobbled path down from the church in Moundros all the way down to the valley bottom.

10 min. Cross a concrete bridge and turn right on a track where a well used cobbled path continues uphill to the left.

18 min. Pass a spring and a water trough beside the road. Then take a left fork uphill and then a right fork on the level to keep heading west.

24 min. There is now an excellent view of Moundros back up the valley as the hillside becomes steeper. Keep left and uphill to head west. The track now climbs more steeply through scrubby trees and shrubs.

34 min. Turn left onto a plateau to enter a totally ruined village.

There may be an old cobbled path leading down the cliffs to the west but the path leaving the ruins to the south-west is heavily overgrown. Head south up a new track bulldozed through the small stone walled fields of pottery fragments. Massive oak trees grow to each side of the way.

49 min. The track climbs the edge of a steep slope on the western edge of the plateau with open views north to the sea.

55 min. Where the track moves back onto the plateau above this steep slope, follow a stone wall west for 50 metres into a shallow valley and then drop down a goat path due north into the wooded valley below. The goat path descends just to the west of a concrete roofed building.

1 hr 15 min. Follow the track from the concrete building down to the valley bottom and upstream for 100 metres before turning back north under a cliff.

1 hr 30 min. Pass a roofless hut built with some well dressed stone and then turn right onto a short stretch of concrete.

1 hr 32 min. Pass a narrow concrete bridge on your left. The cliffs on each side of the valley are now drawing in to form a gorge. Kato Poros sits above the cliffs to the west and the ruined village sits above to the east.

1 hr 35 min. The track now climbs north on a shelf cut into the cliff. Springs come out of the cliff on the right with a rock shelter above.

The valley here is well wooded between cliffs.

1 hr 40 min. Rejoin the tarmac road and turn left.

1 hr 45 min. Enter Kato Poros beside a large church.

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