61.48. Saitures to Kaloniktis, Kastelos and Armeni Walk and Cycle in Crete

48. Saitures to Kaloniktis, Kastelos and Armeni Walk and Cycle in Crete

Nineteen kilometres of track and road. This is an excellent cycle way. Only the short section of the Hania to Rethimnon road carries much traffic. The villages are a mixture of ancient and modern and see few tourists.

From the main church in Saitures head east and then turn north round a group of buildings. The track runs north above a steep drop on the east. This track is level for the first half kilometre and then drops round a hairpin bend cut in the white sandstone rock.

2 km. The track drops steeply into a forested valley before climbing out the other side. Pass a sharp turn right on the valleys edge that forms route 45.

3 km. Fork right through level olive groves mixed with scrub. There are views east as the track turns north and then as the track turns west the views open out. Several old threshing floors here indicate a prosperous past.

4 km. Continue north through the small villages of Palelimnus

5 km. and Kaloniktis.

7 km. The track joins the old Hania to Rethimnon road.

Turn right and follow this road for two kilometres.

9 km. At the junction, turn right for Ano Valsamonero on a good tarmac road through fertile olive groves in a broad valley.

14 km. In Ano Valsamonero take the road signed for Kastelos. This road climbs west for one-and-a-half kilometres with tremendous views north and west as it rounds each shallow ridge.

16 km. The road then heads south, dropping gently before turning west towards Kastelos with views south and west.

17 km. Enter Kastelos. Several old houses sit to the side of an old path that heads north along the ridge through mixed woodland. Continue east on the surfaced road.

19 km. The route reaches the main Rethimnon to Spili road just north of Armeni.

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