62.49. Kato Poros to Zouridi, Roustika, and Saitures Walk and Cycle in Crete

49. Kato Poros to Zouridi, Roustika, and Saitures Walk and Cycle in Crete

Eleven kilometres of narrow but surfaced road , mostly level. These roads carry very little traffic and are excellent cycle ways. This is an interesting walk or ride through a series of ridge top villages, all with some Venetian buildings.

Kato Poros has numerous old Venetian buildings in various states of repair. Leave the village by the large church to head north on the surfaced road.

2 km. The road drops down to a bridge in a gorge. A track up the north side of the valley ends after 500 metres where an old cobbled path climbs the cliff to cut a one kilometre loop from the road. Just 200 metres up the valley from this point the mechanism of a continuous chain of buckets for lifting water is still intact in its cistern.

5 km. The road continues to Zouridi where several large Venetian houses sit in ruins along a limestone hill top.

6 km. Agios Konstantinos. A larger and more modern village. Turn right onto a narrow but level tarmac road.

7 km. The road rises into Roustika. A more scattered but prosperous looking village.

8 km. A right turn here leads to Moundros. Keep left.

10 km. The road continues level past a gorge to Saitures.

11 km. As you enter Saitures the church on the right has a little statue built into its walls, covered in whitewash with its features mostly obscured.

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