63.50. A loop from Agios Ioanis Walk and Cycle in Crete

50. A loop from Agios Ioanis Walk and Cycle in Crete

Map of routes 50 - 53

Six kilometres of track with a steep climb for one kilometre.

These wooded slopes are bright green in the spring and the trees shelter drifts of Cyclamen.

The more open banks hang with bright red and white flowered species of Cistus. This route is suitable for both walkers and cyclists.

Enter Agios Ioanis from the direction of Kanevos and turn left just to the right of the first taverna.

Turn to the right of house 29, take the next left, right past 69, next left, right past house 86 and climb gently north away from the village on a narrow concrete track past a wash house.

10 min. Follow the main track as it turns sharp left and starts to climb.

12 min. Fork right to follow the track uphill through mixed woodland.

14 min. At crossroads of tracks in the middle of cedar forest cross to continue on the track leading uphill through the forest. A concrete culvert runs under the crossroads.

25 min. The track enters a small valley of large trees before heading south round a small church on a ridge.

28 min. From the church there are good views south-west to the Kotsifas gorge with a glimpse of the sea beyond.

From the church head north on a steep track up the ridge. This track is now partly covered by low vegetation.

60 min. Reach the summit of the ridge beside a small stone hut. Another track runs east and west along the top.

Here there are panoramic views in all directions.

Leave the top by heading east on the track.

1 hr 10 min. The track twists as it drops east round the end of the ridge. A small church visible one kilometre to the east marks the track down to Angousseliana.

The track drops down to a T junction. These hairpins are easily cut by following a goat path down to the T.

1 hr 20 min. Turn right at the T.

1 hr 25 min. The track bends sharply west as it passes over a ridge and then continues level, bending in and out of each side valley.

1 hr 40 min. The track is now descending gently into mature woodland with some large oak trees before

1 hr 45 min. rising gently as it turns south and then west.

1 hr 50 min. The track returns to the crossroads in the forest again. This time cross straight over heading west.

1 hr 55 min. The track drops and then climbs gently, still heading west through woodland.

2 hr 2 min. Fork left to head south down a slight ridge through woodland with the occasional field.

2 hr 6 min. There are the ruins of several old buildings beside the track. Some new construction of reinforced concrete is also underway.

1 hr 10 min. Turn left past the little church and graveyard and head east back into the village down a concrete track.

1 hr 20 min. Pass a tiny church on the right.

1 hr 22 min. This route returns you to the main road in Agios Ioanis, just west of the taverna.

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