64.51. Epano Malaki to Angousseliana Walk and Cycle in Crete

51. Epano Malaki to Angousseliana Walk and Cycle in Crete

Nine kilometres of good track that rises and falls gently, partly through mature woodland and then over the more open limestone plateau covered with Sage and Phlomis. A good route for both walkers and cyclists.

Follow the road south through Epano Malaki into a well wooded valley.

15 min. Pass a church on the right and then fork right, uphill on a concrete track with very rocky banks on both sides.

30 min. Fork right into open countryside with hills to east and west.

40 min. The track now climbs gently through small vineyards

45 min. before heading south over the crest of a hill to give more open views.

60 min. The track climbs steeply to the crest of a hill with superb views of Psiloritis to the west.

1 hr 15 min. Fork left on the crest of the hill. See route 50 for the right fork.

1 hr 20 min. The track contours south round the head of a valley

1 hr 30 min. before dropping gently to the south-east. A small church stands just below the track. The hills are covered with Strawberry Tree and tall Heathers.

1 hr 45 min. The track now crosses to drop on the west side of the ridge.

2 hours Pass another newer church on the right with a good view down to Angousseliana.

2 hr 5 min. At the next fork keep left and downhill to enter Angousseliana past the village wash house.

2 hr 15 min. The track reaches the main road in the middle of Angousseliana.

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