22.5. Finikas Monastery to Souda Bay Walk and Cycle in Crete

5. Finikas Monastery to Souda Bay Walk and Cycle in Crete

1.5 kilometres of good path for walking. This is a very tranquil area and a good habitat for orchids.

From the church at Finikas follow an old path that heads downhill.

As this becomes overgrown in places cut straight down to the broad track and turn left.

8 min. After 400 metres keep your eyes open for a well used but narrow path dropping downhill on your right. This meanders down through olive groves, passing a water storage tank and several vegetable patches.

18 min. Take a branch to the left that crosses a small stream between groups of palm trees and becomes a bulldozed track again.

23 min. Keep straight on along this track and it turns back into a path that veers downhill, eventually reaching an old water mill converted into a house.

33 min. Cross the bridge below the mill and follow the track until you again have good views to the east. Fork right for the shore at Souda Bay or continue uphill past

40 min. Geronimo‘s taverna.

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