67.60. Armeni to Koumi Walk and Cycle in Crete

60. Armeni to Koumi Walk and Cycle in Crete

Map of routes 60 - 65

Five kilometres of surfaced road for walkers and cyclists.

Armeni is a prosperous village on the main road ten kilometres south of Rethimnon. Only a small part of it can be seen from the main road. Most of it lies uphill to the east and contains many old Venetian buildings. It was also a Minoan and later a Roman settlement and there are several excavations underway at the moment.

Leave Armeni on the road signed for Koumi. This is a very worn tarmac road.

1 km. Take a right fork beside a military barracks with a little church and graveyard on the left. The no photography sign here must be obeyed.

2 km. Views open out to the south and west and the road takes a long hairpin down into the valley ahead. You can cut the corner by following an overgrown track to the road in the valley bottom where there is a water pumping station in a concrete building.

3 km. The road now climbs and turns west. Below on the right several pinnacles of rock are surmounted by cairns.

5 km. Koumi. The larger church on the hill top has some interesting carved furniture and is an excellent viewpoint. The little church of St George looks out to the south. It has a carved wood screen. The other small red roofed church with a north-west outlook has some very elaborately carved woodwork.

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