69.62. Agios Vassilios to Fotinos Walk and Cycle in Crete

62. Agios Vassilios to Fotinos Walk and Cycle in Crete

Four kilometres of track through rolling hills with rocky edges along their tops. Suitable for walkers and cyclists.

Turn into the village of Agios Vassilios from the main road by the war memorial and continue north-west, through the village and then in the same direction up a concrete track.

15 min. Turn right on a sharp concrete hairpin. This climbs steeply for 50 metres before levelling out.

20 min. The track is now gravel and climbs gently up a valley through a mixture of woodland and fields.

You can see the large rock slide two kilometres to the north of you which marks the track into Fotinos described in route 64. Follow the track north to reach this landslide. The track is indistinct in places as it is not well used and slightly overgrown.

1 hr 15 min. Enter Fotinos.

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