71.64. A loop from Fotinos Walk and Cycle in Crete

64. A loop from Fotinos Walk and Cycle in Crete

3 kilometres of track for walkers and cyclists.

Allied soldiers were hidden in Fotinos during World War II. The rock shelters were used by children to keep a look out for the Germans. If any were seen the children would whistle to alert the villagers and the allied soldiers would then be hidden in caves in the hills. General Krieps was also hidden for several days in the rocks where the villagers crushed grapes for wine.

Leave the village square in Fotinos by the concrete track to the south-east that leads past a small church with a burial ground.

10 min. This becomes a sandy track dropping through several sandy hollows.

20 min. As the main track drops to the culvert fork uphill to the right, climbing steeply.

40 min. The track now climbs more gently with views to the south and west. Keep to the right and up, a fork to the left and down follows the valley down to Agios Vassilios. See route 62.

50 min. The track continues to climb north with hairpin bends concreted and cobbles visible in places. A large rock slide crosses the track and jumbled boulders lie in the trees below.

60 min. At a little col there is a walled-in rock shelter above on the ridge to the west.

1 hr 15 min. The track continues north to re-enter Fotinos past several water troughs.

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