77.75. Geni to Karines Walk and Cycle in Crete

75. Geni to Karines Walk and Cycle in Crete

Five kilometres of track, dropping south into a valley and then a steady climb up to Karines. This is a very quiet area. Cyclists should leave Geni on the track west.

From the south of Geni a track is visible below. Join this by taking the old path east and then down or drop directly down through the olive groves to the track. You can also head west from the village on the track and take a left fork back to the track below.

25 min. Continue to follow the main track as it climbs south up a ridge.

40 min. Fork left to the east of the ridge. The track continues to climb south.

1 hr 10 min. Turn to the west at a crossroads of tracks, now heading towards Karines on the level.

1 hr 30 min. Enter Karines from the east.

76. Geni west to the Rethimnon - Spili road

Five kilometres of mostly level track for walkers and cyclists. This passes through several good sites for spring flowers in wild countryside.

Leave Geni from the square and follow the track that climbs gently west. This track runs through a shallow valley with high cliffs to the north. To the south the edge of the valley then drops away in a steep escarpment.

25 min. A fork in the track heads north through the cliffs for Ornithos (1.5 km) and Goulediana (2.5 km). See route 72. Continue west.

50 min. A fork in the track heads north up a steep valley to Kare (2.5 km). Continue west.

1 hr 10 min. The track twists and turns on the northern edge of a broad valley, keep west on the main track.

1 hr 25 min. The track reaches the main road on the northern edge of this valley.

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