78.77. Mirthios to Patsos via the road Walk and Cycle in Crete

77. Mirthios to Patsos via the road Walk and Cycle in Crete

Map of Route 77

Seventeen kilometres of surfaced road. A long drop into the valley is followed by a long climb up to Patsos. This is a good route for cyclists but the first eight kilometres convey too many vehicles for the comfort of walkers.

The road drops eastwards from Mirthios, gently at first and then more steeply into a series of hairpins to join

3 km. the main road from Rethimnon to the Amari valley. Turn right and south.

5 km. The road now reaches the broad valley bottom with a

6 km. bridge over river.

8 km. The tarmac road forks. Turn right for Patsos. The good road passes through well wooded hills broken by areas of new cultivation. The sandy soil erodes badly in heavy rain and needs irrigation in dry weather.

9 km. The road now climbs more steeply through olive groves

11 km. to Voleones and then continues to climb steadily with hairpins.

13 km. The first church on the right on entering Pandanassa is ancient, with a double vault supported by a central pillar. It also displays some carved stone. The second church has an ornate bell tower.

15 km. West of Pandanassa a roofless church sits on a ridge to the north of the road. A track heads south up this ridge to join with a track from Patsos to go over the mountain to Gerakaki. See route 95.

17 km. The surfaced road ends at Patsos.

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