24.7. Mirthios to Plakias Walk and Cycle in Crete

7. Mirthios to Plakias Walk and Cycle in Crete

One-and-a-half kilometres of steep track and path down only for walkers.

Mirthios is another village built like a maze on a steep mountain side.

It is well worth spending an hour climbing round its narrow twisting stepped streets and enjoying the views from its small tavernas.

This path leaves the main road in the middle of Mirthios down a flight of stone steps.

2 min. The path then passes a disused washing house with a freshwater spring. This is an old cobbled path at first but soon joins a track heading downhill.

10 min. After about 500 metres you cross the level course of the irrigation aqueduct and continue straight down the hillside.

15 min. When the track veers sharply right a path continues straight on. This path branches. If you take the right-hand branch turn left at the next track. The left-hand branch brings you out at a T junction of tracks where you can continue to the bridge over the stream on the

25 min. outskirts of Plakias.

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