79.80. Frati to Mixorouma Walk and Cycle in Crete

80. Frati to Mixorouma Walk and Cycle in Crete

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Four kilometres of track along the sides of a steep sided valley make an interesting route for both walkers and cyclists. An almost deserted village sits on the ridge at the head of the valley.

Leave Frati on the tarmac road signposted to Spili and immediately take a track running downhill and east. Keep to the main track downhill as it zig-zags through old olive groves to reach the valley bottom at a concrete pipe bridge over a stream.

15 min. After the bridge the track climbs steeply again. Take the first turn left on a hairpin onto a track that climbs more gently as it follows the side of the valley northwards.

35 min. As the track levels out there are steep drops into a well wooded valley on the left with scrub above on the right. Tiny fields of barley are still cultivated on the old terracing.

40 min. Take the left fork sharply downhill to a high concrete bridge. If you turn left and south over the bridge a level track contours the hillside to return you to Frati.

Turn right over the high concrete bridge and follow the track as it climbs gently north, now on the west side of the valley, through olive groves and small vineyards.

60 min. The track skirts the west side of an almost deserted village straggling up the hillside but with a moderate sized church.

Continue north on the same track and fork right to

1 hr 20 m. enter the village of Mixorouma which straggles along the main Spili - Rethimnon road.

You can also reach the Spili road by continuing past the church at the deserted village along a path that turns into a rough track. A left turn after 300 metres brings you to the main road east of Mixorouma.


Spili is a large and prosperous village with numerous tourist shops and provision shops, tavernas and rooms to let. It also has a bank on the main street and an OTE and a post office at the eastern end of the village. Most of the more interesting buildings are away from the main road in the older part of the village that climbs up under the cliffs. Walk up to the right of the Lions' head fountains to enter its maze of steep alleyways.

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