81.82. A high level loop from Mourne Walk and Cycle in Crete

82. A high level loop from Mourne Walk and Cycle in Crete

Three kilometres of gentle hills on a little used track. This is a good place to walk or cycle on a hot day when the track catches the breeze. There are excellent views in all directions.

Turn left by the first taverna in Mourne on the road in from Spili and take the narrow alleyway that climbs up through the village.

5 min. This becomes a track as it leaves the village. Continue to follow this uphill to a T junction.

10 min. Turn right and south on a track that climbs gently to a ridge with open views north and south.

30 min. Take the track over the ridge and turn right and west, dropping through oak woodland with a small church visible below in the valley to the south.

50 min. Take a right turn and the track now climbs again to give good views of Frati.

After this the track is mostly level, now heading north, with a steep hillside down to the west.

1 hr 10 min. The small church of Saint Sunday sits high on the hillside with Spili now visible to the north.

1 hr 20 min. Follow the level track to the right past a group of large new concrete houses in the valley below.

1 hr 30 min. Another small church on the left has pictures of Salome with St John's head on a plate. Water also bubbles out of a spring beside the road here. Continue left and downhill.

1 hr 40 min. to re-enter the village of Mourne beside the school.

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