82.83. Mourne to Drimiskos and Kerames Walk and Cycle in Crete

83. Mourne to Drimiskos and Kerames Walk and Cycle in Crete

Four kilometres of track and path to Drimiskos with a further 3 kilometres of surfaced road to Kerames. These three villages are all worth exploring. They all sit high on the edge of the mountains with wide panoramic views.

Turn left by the first taverna in Mourne on the road in from Spili and take the narrow alleyway that climbs up through the village.

5 min. This becomes a track as it leaves the village.

10 min. Turn right and south on a track that climbs gently to a ridge with open views north and south. There are junctions on both sides of this col. Cyclists should note the alternatives described at the end of this route.

30 min. Turn left just south of the ridge on a track that heads south-east round the head of a valley.

40 min. When the track ends follow a path in the same direction over a col to rejoin the track on the west end of a hairpin.

45 min. As the track turns south and then east the village of Drimiskos comes into view below. At this point an old cobbled path leads down the cliff directly towards the village. This is marked in several places by large blue arrows on the rocks.

1 hour. When the path rejoins a track at the base of the cliff turn

1 hr 10 min. left to follow the level track into Drimiskos.

Walk through this village to reach the tarmac road where it skirts the eastern edge of Drimiskos before heading back east towards Kerames, three kilometres further on.

1 hr 15 min. Turn right and follow this road as it climbs and falls very gently. It carries almost no traffic.

2 hr 5 min. Kerames is a thriving small village away from the tourist track but with a magnificent setting. Only a few of its streets are wide enough for vehicles and it is well worth a look round. Paths from the centre of the village lead down into the olive groves.

Cyclists should fork left, east on the north side of the ridge two kilometres south of Mourne. This becomes a broad track with fields on the left. Turn right and south at the first T junction which soon takes you over the ridge with views to the west again and then through another rocky ridge with views to the south and the sea. Old terracing climbs the hills to the east. The track now drops gently with a steep hillside below on the left. 100 metres further on the track hairpins down to briefly rejoin the walking route.

The track continues east from the first hairpin, down a further series of hairpins into a small valley and then climbs again before dropping steeply down a rocky valley to reach a tarmac road just east of Drimiskos.


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