84.85. Kerames to the sea Walk and Cycle in Crete

85. Kerames to the sea Walk and Cycle in Crete

Twelve kilometres of road, track and path. This route includes long sandy deserted beaches. We almost missed the track back up as we were walking along in the sea with all our clothes in our rucksacks. Cyclists would find the shore section very difficult because of the soft sand.

On the western edge of Kerames a good tarmac road leads down to the sea through the olive groves. Cyclists should beware that some of the hairpins are very sharp.

45 min. The right fork is a gravel track down through olive groves to a small bay with a mixture of sand and boulders. There is a single taverna that may open only in the high season. A steep scrub covered hillside makes walking west from here difficult, but a track runs from above the scrub down towards Palm beach and Preveli. The shore can be followed east, but access is easier from the left fork of the road down from Kerames to the shore one kilometre further on at Agia Fotini.

At this fork in the road turn left for Agia Fotini and follow it down until the road ends at the sea.

1 hour Here large boulders sit in a crystal clear sea and there is one small taverna that may open in high season.

Continue east along a track which ends at a villa and

1 hr 10 min. then continue along the shore where the sand sweeps in dunes up the cliffs.

2 hours Keep a good lookout for the next track which drops down from the village of Agalianos. Beyond this inland is a very broken landscape.

2 hr 20 min. One kilometre up this track a concrete tank intercepts the flow from a line of springs and a chorus of frogs call their appreciation of the moisture.

North of the tank turn left and west on a track that winds its way up through carob scrub and small olive groves for a further two kilometres to rejoin the narrow tarmac road at Agalianos.

3 hours Continue west on this road for further one kilometre

3 hr 20 min back to Kerames.

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