85.86. Drimiskos to Preveli Walk and Cycle in Crete

86. Drimiskos to Preveli Walk and Cycle in Crete

Eight kilometres of track dropping gently downhill for most of the way.

A large hollow plane tree occupies a pleasant square in the middle of Drimiskos. From here an old path drops steeply west through the olive groves into the valley bottom and then climbs the far side to rejoin the track. It is much easier for cyclists to follow the newer track that contours round the head of the valley west of the village and then continues south-west.

Olive groves are sheltered by the high cliffs behind.

35 min. After two kilometres a right fork climbs gently west to pass a new church.

40 min. Fork left again and leave the track at the south end of a hairpin to examine the little church of St George set high on a rocky crag. This is the starting point for route 87.

Follow the same track down and south to rejoin the

60 min. main track heading west and down.

1 hr 35 min. The track comes to a T junction at a grove of olives trees. The left fork would take you down to the shore 500 metres east of palm beach, where a path leads along the cliff to the bottom of the lower Kourtaliotis gorge and then up to Preveli. See route 17.

Follow the right fork as the track winds gently down round the heads of steep sided valleys, past

2 hours outlying monastery ruins to an old stone bridge over one branch of the river and then a ford beside the high arched bridge as the track rejoins the surfaced road.

2 hr 40 min. The water here is very polluted. Turn left onto the tarmac road and head uphill towards the ruined buildings.

2 hr 55 min. The Lower Monastery is well worth exploring. Preveli monastery is a further two kilometres uphill to the south.

If you turn right on the west side of the ford it is two and a half kilometres along the surfaced road to the main road and three kilometres to the village of Lefkogia.

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