87.88. Drimiskos to Spili via Ardaktos, Vatos and Aktounda Walk and Cycle in Crete

88. Drimiskos to Spili via Ardaktos, Vatos and Aktounda Walk and Cycle in Crete

This route follows 17 kilometres of mostly narrow surfaced road but with very little traffic it is good for walking and excellent for cycling.

Leave Drimiskos on the eastern side, turning left onto the surfaced road to head eastwards and upwards. The road climbs steadily with spectacular views east and west and the blue sea to the south.

4 km. The road reaches a high col where new roadworks have exposed a bright green shiny rock. The tarmac seems unnecessarily wide here.

5 km. Beyond the col the road drops down to Ardaktos before doubling back on itself to head west to Vatos. If you are on foot and don't want to explore Ardaktos head down due north from the col into Vatos which lies below you. Continue north from the village of Vatos to the village

8 km. of Aktounda whose house walls give the appearance of a fortified curtain wall surrounding the crest of the ridge on which it sits. Water pours into pools in the old wash-house and a massive tree shades a little church. This village also has a small cafe. Beyond the third and largest church to the north of the village a path drops down to rejoin the surfaced road. From the south end of Aktounda where the road crosses the ridge and heads north, a track heads west contouring round three and a half kilometres to the village of Mourne. From the same point another track heads north and down for two and a half kilometres to join the main road by a small church just one kilometre from Spili. The road takes five kilometres to loop its way down the hill to rejoin the

13 km. main road at Kissu Kambos. From here it is four

17 km. kilometres along the main road west to Spili.

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