26.9. Rodakino to Finikas Monastery Walk and Cycle in Crete

9. Rodakino to Finikas Monastery Walk and Cycle in Crete

Six kilometres, mostly on surfaced road. A flock of about 400 sheep and goats kept us company for part of the way but only four vehicles passed us when we walked this route in April. Excellent for cycling.

This picture is taken from the ridge above sweetwater bay, looking inland over Finikas Monastery to the hills inland

The road back from Rodakino to Selia climbs gently away from the village. Traffic is light with more sheep and donkeys than vehicles except in the high season. There are always excellent views out to sea and often views of the mountains inland.

1 hour As you come over the crest of the hill that brings Selia and its church into view, Finikas Monastery can be seen almost straight ahead with several tracks heading towards it. Do not follow these, you will be thwarted at the last minute by streams within steep banks covered with impenetrable thorny thickets designed to keep goats in their place and equally effective for humans.

If you can spot the monastery you will see a track running north from the hill just above it to join the road inland. Follow the road again on a wide sweep inland for two kilometres until you reach this track on your right.

2 hr 30min. Follow the track as it runs straight toward the sea to a hairpin that takes you round the edge of a hill to the side

2 hr 45min. of the monastery at Finikas.

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